Ogbadibo 2019: ‘The Emergence Of A Rescuer’; Comr. Agbara Is The Answer

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By: Oriri Peter Onu


Over time, bad leadership has been identified and labeled as the major clog in the wheel of society transformation and human development. It is a fact that a leadership without legacy and achievement is not worthy of the followers (people’s) accolades.

  Putting into considerations, the mind blowing words of a prominent African leader; Robert Mugabe who opined that; “throughout history it has been the inaction of those who should have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better and the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most that has made it possible for evil to triumph” in the society and also been overwhelmed with the fact that quite too long, the representatives of Ogbadibo L.G.A in Government have been running in circles ,chasing their own shadows, taking too many detours while the people continue to wallow in penury was among among the factors that prompted Comr. Agbara to rise and indicate his interest to “RESCUE” and “LIBERATE” the good people of Ogbadibo from the shackles of misrepresentation in government so that history/posterity will do him justice for his voluntary quest to serve his people and humanity.  

In his words; he said truly, the time now is not to complain or to play blame games but to take necessary and decisive steps to place Ogbadibo Local Government Area on the progressive map. We are in a democratic regime and “protecting and effectively representing the interest of Ogbadibo constituency is a priority for us all.

  “A man makes history in the world by either the problem he created or the one he solved and on this note, my name will go down history for the problem of misrepresentation of my people over a long period of time which I will solve, Comr. Agbara assured”  

The critical need for youths to take over leadership positions in our society because of the persistent failures of the elders whom we hitherto placed our future in their hands cannot be overemphasis. Comr. Agbara clearly falls within the youth benchmark and his outstanding performance in previous leadership positions held in his undergraduate days has position and baked him for this task ahead.

  His popularity, good rapport, integrity, intelligence, humility, respect for both the young and elders coupled with strong support, solidarity and endorsement from the Ogbadibo youth circle also stands him out and tell’s more of his doggedness and rootedness in the grass root.  

The young, vibrant, articulate, socially exposed and visionary Comr. Samuel Oche Agbara hails from Otukpa District, Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State. He studied Economic Political Science from College of Education, Katsina-Ala, Benue State where his dogged activism, agitation and passion for a total transformation and improvement of students welfare stamped his name in the “register” of active student unionist and he was popularly described by both student’s and lecturer’s as ”Mr student’s welfare”.

  After his NCE program, his relentless quest for educational excellence drove him to the Prestigious “Benue State University” Makurdi where he bagged his first degree in political science.  

As a man who is committed to the upliftment and betterment of the society and humanity, he never distance himself from student unionism in the school, this zeal saw him occupying several leadership positions such as; Auditor General of National Association of Idoma Students, Benue State University Chapter, Students Welfare Director, National Association of Otukpa Students, Benue State University Chapter and President of National Association of Ogbadibo students Benue State University Chapter. His good political strategies, permutation laced with activeness and rootedness in the student’s union structure also paved way for two Idoma student’s Comr. Unogwu Patrick Uko to emerge as Vice President and Comr. John Adah as PRO of BSU Student Union Government respectively which was a “record” to his credit with other several merit awards won before leaving the University.

  This young dynamic man whom has tasted numerous students leadership positions (the most difficult people to lead) and certified competent, trustworthy, reliable, feat will no doubt effectively represent the good people of Ogbadibo and catapult them to enviable developmental strides and achievements if given the opportunity to represent them as the Honourable Member representing the good people of Ogbadibo state constituency in the Benue state house of Assembly come 2019 General election.  

With the emergence of the #NotTooYoung to Run# bill as passed by the Nigerian Senate is an indication that now is the time for young people to take over the political slides from the recycling folks. Therefore I’m appealing to all sons and daughters of Ogbadibo to come together as we collectively make Comr. Agbara a household name and a project to push and execute come 2019.

  A vote for this young visionary comrade is a vote for all, Vote Comr. Agbara Oche Samuel as Benue State House of Assembly Member, Ogbadibo State Constituency by 2019.  

He is on a “rescue mission”

Together we can make Ogbadibo great again!!!!

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