PDP New Media Community Condemns Attack On Prince Isaka, Urge Security Agencies To Bring Offenders To Book

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A pro PDP Social Media Group the PDP New Media Community has condemned in entirety the recent attack on one of their member Prince Aondona Isaka in Makurdi by suspected APC hoodlums.

The group in a statement by it’s Coodinator Comrade. Oriri Peter Onu decried the continues attack on out spoken and resilient youths who are only expressing their freedom of Expression as encapsulated by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Comrade Oriri opined that; Prince Isaka is a very useful social media activist that covers and report issues as it affects the ordinary Benue citizen. He stressed further that the basis of having a different political view can no longer be a good reason to attack innocent and peaceful citizens since the chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for freedom of expression and association.

The entire PDP New Media Community expressed their absolute dismay at the manner in which Violence has erupted the different parts of the State and also berates the security agencies who have been unable to curb the menace and bring offenders before the law.

He continued; “We are not in a Lawless State, therefore perpetrators of evil should be brought to face the penalty of the law.

He ended by urging Prince Isaka to stay the struggle of fighting for the course of humanity and good governance despite the intimidation that comes with such dedication. He pray God to grant the activist quick recovery as he has been hospitalized at the moment. Signed:

Oriri Peter Onu

Coordinator, PDP New Media Community, Benue State.

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