Childrens Clinic | #MarkDBall2017 Has Been Re-engineered To Breed Future Stars – Coach Adekaa

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In this media interaction with the coordinating coach of the Children’s Clinic of the Mark D’ Ball Tournament 2017, Adekaa Daudu, the sports professional of accumulating years of technical experience explains that, the re-organization of the tournament has positioned it to make the best out of the children to become professionals. He commends the New Arena, saying it’s a dream come true. Excerpts:

The Childrens Clinic

Mark D’ Ball Media: Can you tell us your name and your position with Mark D’ Ball, particularly the Children’s Clinic?

Coach Adekaa: My name is Adekaa Daudu, I am the coordinating coach for the Children’s Clinic at the 2017 Mark D’ Ball.

Coach Adekaa Daudu (Coordinator of Mark D’ Ball Childrens Clinic)

Mark D’ Ball Media: I see that the Children’s clinic has different categories, what do you have to say about that?

Coach Adekaa: What you are seeing is the general view of what the clinic is all about. We have them in classes; we have the mini group, we have the cadet group and then the Junior Section. For the mini group which is the play group where we have ages 7 to 12 and within this age we have broken them into 3. That is 7, 8 and 9 and then 10, 11 and 12.

Images from the childrens clinic

The cadet class has from ages 13 to 15 and then in the Junior class it’s easy because they are already players. Here we have from 16 to 19 years. That is while you see them in different groups according to their categories.

Mark D’ Ball Media: Sir, what do you have to say about the New Arena?

Coach Adekaa: Very beautiful, awesome, we’ve been praying for this, this is God-sent. Now we have enough space to play and run and you know the kids like that. They will take advantage of the pitch, those that know the game and those that don’t will come to learn the game and those already in the game will sharpen their skills. From there we’d be able to look at those who can become superstars in the near-future. What we are doing is to give them an opportunity to develop themselves with the game. That is what the clinic is all about.

Participatory children expressing excitement during their coaching.

Mark D’ Ball Media: As regard numbers, how many children have been engaged by the clinic?

Coach Adekaa: For this year, we planned 1000 and so far we have more than 600 close to 700.

Mark D’ Ball Media: Thank you sir and have a good day.

Coach Adekaa: You are welcome.

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