Benue Attack: Obande Advocate For New NIA Director General, Says It Will Boost Security Operations In Nigeria

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Human right activist, Comrade Obande Gideon a member of the Nigerian Youth Paliament and currently serving as its Minority Leader has broken silence hence pleading with the Federal Government of Nigeria to appoint a Benue indigene as the new Director General of National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in the wake of the ongoing heinous killings in the State by criminal herders.

Comrade Obande stated that the ferocious attack at the wake of the new year and other attacks by herdsmen further justifies the fact that the fulani herds men unleashing this mayhem may be migrant members of the Boko Haram in disguise or migrant herds men from war thorn zones like Mali who are already tuned psychologically to violence because of their environs.

Considering the increased attack along the Benue valley, research have shown that the earlier crisis down to the early 2000’s involving the Fulani were often a product of a clash between the herdsmen and farmers.

The attacks this days are however seen to be vindictive, as there is often no record of a recent disagreement between farmers of the ravaged communities and Fulani herdsmen. This points in the direction that a more thorough intelligent gathering may expose and uncover a lot of mysteries.

In consideration of the pro active move of Mr. President upon assumption of office which led to the appointments of the Chief of Army Staff, National Security Adviser and some other key offices from the north east which paid off in the fight against the insurgency in the Northeast; Comrade Obande noted that the Vacuum of a substantive Director General for the NIA from the Benue valley will avail the opportunity for a detailed intelligent gathering to lay the incessant attacks by herdsmen to rest as there are strong indicators that the mayhem unleashed do not in reality portray the fulani herdsmen who have in time past co-habited with farmers as the use of assault rifles by this herds men Co-notes that there are either ignorant of the laws of our nation or hired machinaries with a specific assignment of distorting our economy and stall the advancement of the nation in agriculture as a viable alternative to oil.

The Benue Valley, especially the Old Benue plateau that have witnessed the highest number of attacks from herdsmen have a lot of qualified individuals that are competent enough to occupy the office of the DG (NIA) and we believe that filling up this vacancy at this crucial time will boost the intelligence base of security operations in Nigeria.

As we mourn our loved ones and risk loosing the commitment of citizens to Agriculture, we call on President Muhammadu Buhari to take steps towards. Considering this noble position.

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