Ado/Okpokwu &Ogbadibo: Hon. Michael Unogwu Join The Race

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Hon. Michael Otsogbu Unogwu popularly known as #MoU# will sign an #MoU# with Idoma-Enone` people and fill the vacuum of ineffective and poor #representation# come 2019.

Idoma-Enone` people has agreed and resolved to get it right this time around by putting “a square peg in a square hole”.

Constituent’s of Ado, Okpokwu, Ogbadibo federal constituency has been crying of total absence of effective and quality representation since inception of representative democracy in Nigeria. We’ve never had a perfect man for the “Abuja green chamber job”. When ever electioneering period comes, they usually appears as ” sheep’s” but they are nothing but “wolves in sheep’s cloth” to hoodwink, promise and/or make so many passionate appeals to us (electorates). Mostly, if not every time, we fall into their deceptive traps, believe in them and give them our mandate. The moment they step into the basement complex; the seat of power (Abuja), our liaising, communicating and relationship with them becomes that of master over slavery and no longer of representative/messenger and his people.

As 2019 draws closer, some “elites and politician’s” of our land who hitherto has held one or two political positions, achieved remarkable success and excellence in either their private or public engagements but has no tangible “project or initiative” to point at that has and still influencing the lives of the people positively are now galvanizing, masquerading as “lover’s of the people”, claiming to hold them in high esteem and promising to empower and better their lives and living standard if voted to the green chamber of national assembly come 2019.

With the deceptive and sweet talk mechanism they (political office aspirant’s) have in stock now, I am now afraid but compelled to ask; must someone be a political office holder (appointive or elective) before they influence or develop their people and society?

If you can’t develop and empower your people and society with your wealth, power and success at the level of your private or personal capacity, you certainly can’t change the story when voted to political office………….. this is a simple and elementary understanding of human behaviour and nature. We will not be deceived this time around.

Hon. Michael Unogwu (A leading contender for Ado/Okpokwu &Ogbadibo 2019)

The above analogy and so many other factors put together were the conviction of the “Ado, Okpokwu & Ogbadibo” people before their continuous scout for a dependable, reliable, trustworthy, people oriented, loyal, committed, effective, quality and accessible #representative# come 2019 landed them at the door step of Hon. Michael Unogwu to request for his service for the Ado, Okpokwu & Ogbadibo legislative job.

As the saying goes; “a golden fish has no hidden place in the river”, the steering leadership qualities and competency of Hon. Michael Unogwu was standing very tall and shinning like a light in darkness in the midst of other aspirant’s for the Idoma-Enone` seat, hence, the enormous, voluminous and overwhelming support and endorsement Hon. Michael Unogwu is getting from stakeholders, decision maker’s and entire masses of the constituency.

With the current crowd, massive support of the people, political manoeuvring, strategy, alignment and intense consultation on ground, there is little or no doubt that the Ado, Okpokwu & Ogbadibo federal constituency seat will be occupied by Hon. Michael Unogwu #MoU# come 2019. HON. MICHAEL UNOGWU IN CONTEXT

MoU as he is fondly called is currently by political association and alliance part of a quantum phenomenon. “Quantum” in the tradition of that word in physics means energy that cannot be divided into components.

Michael Unogwu was born as the 3rd child among the seven children’s of Mr. & Mrs. Unogwu Otse of Ai-kor family, Eforfu, Agila of Ado LGA of Benue state in the early 70’s.

He started his early education at Wesley Central Primary School, Utonkon before proceeding to GSS Agila for his secondary school education where he later left for Government College, Ojo, Lagos to complete his secondary school education.

After an excellent performance by passing the 8 subjects of GCE in 1988, his relentless quest for further education drove him to the School of Basic Studies (SBS), Makurdi in 1990 where he scored 13 points in IJMB. That brilliant performance opened the gateway of University of Maiduguri for him where he obtained his bachelor of science degree from the department of political science and public administration in 1995. After graduation, he did his mandatory service (NYSC) with the Budget Department in the federal ministry of internal affairs (now interior), Abuja in 1996. He then joined Cadet Officer’s Corps of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in 1997. In 1998, His further quest for knowledge acquisition and self empowerment saw him off to University of Maiduguri again where he bagged his Msc in public administration. He has been in active service with the “NDLEA” and his scope of work has taken him to virtually all the states of the federation, attended courses in several countries such as U.S.A, UK, West Africa’s, Russia, Korea e.t.c.

Before his recent resignation from the “NDLEA” for active politics, he was the Principal Staff Officer (P.S.O) in charge of NDLEA Training and Intelligence, FCT, Abuja Command.

Many Idoma and Nigeria youths has rode on his shoulder to prominence. He has been the brain and backbone for the recruitment or engagement of large number of Idoma and Nigeria youths to the NDLEA, Nigeria Police Force, Nigeria Army, FIRS, Banking service. He has empowered so many people through direct and indirect employment and has contributed enormously to the advancement and development of Idoma Nation. Reasonable number of Idoma youths are gainfully employed in his family business; “Meloch Group of Companies” of which “Meloch oil & gas” with fuel station’s scattered all over the federation is a subsidiary. He has so many number of orphans, less privilege people in his scholarship register and he remains a strong pillar in the struggle for human empowerment and society advancement. Michael Otsogbu Unogwu is a known practitioner and believer in the philosophy that those whom are relatively privileged in the context of mass poverty society must act as redistributive channels. i.e. Michael Otsogbu Unogwu cannot afford to be smug happy in the midst of the squalor and poverty ridden populace within which he exist.

Hobbies; he loves sports most especially football.

He speaks Agila, Ufia, Idoma, Hausa, Igbo and English perfectly and he is happily married to his heart throbe with 3 lovely children to God’s glory and blessings.

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