2019: Young Volunteers Embark On Voters Education In Abia, Seek For Peaceful Election – Photos

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By : Spencer Tony Onazi

Election Violence has been a major stumbling block to a stronger Democracy in Nigeria, from one Republic to another this ugly menace has persisted without the Government putting mechinaries in place to put it to a stop.

In 2011 ten Corp Members of the Nigeria Youth Service Corps were killed in their Youth in Bauchi State for standing their ground not willing to succumb to bribe so as to alter Election results. Many other instances abound to buttress the problem, thousands of People have been killed in the process of exercising their Franchise.

In setting the ball rolling for the “how” to this problem which is married with usual low voters turnout due to political apathy and dissappoitment in the system , Democracy Rescue Initiative a group of Young Graduates has begun the Campaign Against Election Violence and Voters Education so as to rally Youths to REGISTER, VOTE AND REMAIN PEACEFUL. The group is affiliated to Connected Advocacy for Youth Development which also pursues the same ideology which is hinged at a simple premise; Mobilise Youth, educate them on Civil Responsibility, empower them and Campaign against Violence.

The group that has started it’s campaign in Umuahia the Capital City of Abia State hopes to extend her campaign to other South Eastern States where many are disenchanted with the System and ready to abandone their Civic Responsibility as Citizens of Nigeria.

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