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By Ikenna Ekeledo Uche

That Seat has been virtually empty That seat is crying out for you Occupy the seat for ndi IMO… YES YOU GO THERE!!!!! TAKE BACK THE GOVERNOR’S SEAT NNAEMEKA… OCCUPY THE DOUGLAS HOUSE… SAYS WHO?????? The PEOPLE you helped to move forward.. The MASSES you called your own.. After eight years of grueling recession, Go clean the rubble of crisis. Go heal the housing and transportation problems Go see if the lands are still ours Let the home owners enjoy strong protection… TAKE BACK THE DOUGLAS HOUSE.. So we can match our achievements Build ladder of opportunities for Ndi IMO For our people who ran away to other states To come home and enjoy… TAKE BACK THE DOUGLAS HOUSE. Recover all our illegal properties The people you represented at ABUJA and All IMOLITES have been calling.. Your simplicity and straight forwardness are AWESOME TAKE BACK THE GOVERNOR’S SEAT Poor mothers can’t buy food for their children.. No more work for fathers anywhere.. School leavers roaming the streets. Keke drivers and other transporters now jobless No more night life anywhere Except for the high and mighty Owerri is no longer for the poor Go back to your villages They tell us by implication.. TAKE BACK THE DOUGLAS HOUSE.. Masses trek long distances .. Students trek even More after school Markets and marketers all driven away. IMO has become a living hell. Nothing to write home about our Roads In all the 27 LGAs Elected LGA Chairmen frustrated out of office Councillors were sent packing Just to embezzle IMO Allocations. Disobedience to the rule of Law Order of the day Illegal caretakers picked up From markets farms and the streets All in all,NO AGENDA.. … No explanations for the money mapped out For the 27 LGAs In the last eight years All we hear is THIEVES are better than HEMP SMOKERS Where have our MONEY gone???? Our Judicial system is not working Some listen to the highest bidder Poor masses can not get Justice Everything has collapsed in IMO.. Even the JUDGES are owed.. You know we are proud of you. You proved yourself at the SENATE IMOLITES look up to you. Come liberate the Pensioners and workers Who now beg for food all around.. Senior citizens who should now be Resting and Enjoying the fruits of their labour of love Now Living in abject poverty Dying in their numbers Yet their MONEY is somewhere in IMO GO TAKE UP THE DOUGLAS HOUSE The Govt of the day has THIRD TERM AGENDA With SON IN-LAW in disguise DONT give room for Familiocracy Your Administration will clean the mess.. Our Hospitals are in shambles They are not well equipped Our Doctors have their clinics Need Help??? Go to Nearby Chemists or say your last prayers Helpless Imolites die in numbers No one to speak for us Talk and lose your life Our SPEAKER can not SPEAK Spies and Psychophants every where Our Housing Cooperation once booming Now as dry as desert Manned by one or two families Those who know what to do with money That is our plight in IMO Workers not paid as scheduled Slashed salaries if ever received How can we pay school fees? Even in the Free less free Education No project is planned for in IMO PLEASE TAKE BACK DOUGLAS HOUSE Reignite IMO as you know best DADDY we trust you with our MONEY Resolve our million problems Our Markets will rebound with you Don’t ever say NO IMO helpless voices calling out to you We shall match our achievements with commitment To address the challenges on ground Its along list you know?????????? You will strengthen all lapses For us to cry no more Right all the wrongs In a system with no morals. Rogues are better than junkies they tell us… Hear me my most Distinguished Senator Masses will jump the rope Our first generation Senator Our first generation Governor You are proud of IMO State You have a human face So much milk of human kindness You are masses friendly So liberal generous and highly magnanimous Unlike your contemporaries The More reason you must OCCUPY THE GOVERNOR’S SEAT…. Yes SAM DADDY NNAEMEKA you ANYANWU Go TAKE BACK THE DOUGLAS HOUSE IMPOLITES EARNESTLY ASK FOR YOU.. …… PDP power to the people PDP change the CHANGE

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