RE: Fertilizer Blending Scam: The Latest Chapter In Akwa-Ibom Fake Industrialization Programme

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By Imo Udoima
I read in awe a piece credited to a certain Elder Sylvester Inyang titled  “FERTILIZER BLENDING SCAM: THE LATEST CHAPTER IN AKWA IBOM FAKE INDUSTRIALISATION PROGRAMME” and published on The Nation Newspaper. In the said piece, Elder Inyang did not spare words in lashing at the giant stride of Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state in his industrialisation drive and specifically the 400,000 per year fertilizer blending plant.
I am appalled that a so-called elder that is expected to be driven by his conscience in his public conduct has taken to dance unclad in shame, telling outright lies and brandishing falsehood shamelessly without any fear of God.
When Greenwell Technology, the partner firm in the fertilizer blending factory got approval from the office of the National Security Adviser, we predicted that some elements that never wished Akwa Ibom state good will always devise means to demarket the government and people of Akwa Ibom state and personality of Udom Emmanuel.
Is elder Inyang saying that the National Security Adviser, who after due scrutiny granted Greenwell Technology license, doesn’t know the difference between a fertilizer blending plant and bagging/packaging firm? Is elder Inyang saying that the Executive Secretary of Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Rabiu Kwa, acted in ignorance to confirm the status of the Fertilizer blending plant?
It is a fact that the Udom administration has taken upon itself to turn Akwa Ibom state into an industrialisation hub and have so far established plants and factories which  include Syringe factory, pencil and toothpick factory, paint factory, Electric Metering factory and several other factories that has made Akwa Ibom state the fastest growing industrial state in the whole federation. Not forgetting that AkwaIbom State is second to Lagos in terms of Attracting Foreign direct investment in the last three years.
Is Elder Inyang aware that the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN, on inauguration of the Syringe Industry confessed that Governor Udom Emmanuel is one of the most cleverest and intelligent person he has met?
I am glad that Elder Inyang  acknowledged the report of National Bureau of Statistics that Akwa Ibom is the second state in Nigeria in terms of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) after Lagos, but does Elder Inyang think that such rating comes via fluke? Or does he think the so called investment was done in space? Elder Inyang should ask why the title “Mr Industrialization” was given to Governor Udom by Nigerians within and outside Akwa Ibom state.
The era where Akwa Ibomites were known for being domestic helps and restaurant sales girls in big cities is long over. Akwa Ibom is back on track, thanks to the industrialisation drive of Deacon Udom Emmanuel.
I therefore advice the so called Elder Inyang to drop the title “Elder” from his name and adopt “Mr” as such a dignified title is not worthy of a man who is not ashamed to take to spreading falsehood and propaganda.
I once again state my loyalty to the people of Akwa Ibom state and the Government of Udom Emmanuel for the great feat achieved by the administration even with the meagre resources available to the state.
Ff: Pdp National Defence  Team

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