2019: Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo and Prince Oriri as the Cynosure

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By Pius Ejembi
A few days ago, aspirants who seek to represent the Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency were thrown into confusion following the appearance of campaign posters of Prince Richard Ocheje Oriri.

Prince Richard Ocheje Oriri

They had foreclosed the possibility of the Prince vying for this position, given the widespread information that he was more interested in the Ado State Constituency. As such, seeing his posters for the Federal Constituency race was a nightmare!
Their fear is understandable  given the track records, Prince Oriri has to his credit as it is indisputably verifiable that the Ijigban Prince used large part of his salaries and emoluments as Ado Local Government Secretary for philanthropic and humanitarian purposes. This explains the emotional attachment people of the Area have for him.
In that capacity, although he was one of the youngest Local Government secretaries in Nigeria at that time, Prince Oriri did not allow his youthful age belittled him but seizes the opportunity to prove his capability to the people in managing their affairs. As the saying goes, he ate with elders because his hands were clean!
Going back memory lane, every objective mind could attest to the dexterity with which Prince Oriri’s patriarch, his father,  Chief Oriri Ocheje steered the affairs of the Ado Traditional Council  in his capacity as Ada’Ado. Perhaps, it is this leadership quality that has been handed over to the Prince.
Prince Richard Oriri is an individual whose network of association cuts across party lines, religious dichotomy and ethnic divides. Only recently was he honoured in Ebonyi state for his love for the Igbo race in Ado LGA. Record have it that any political party Richard identifies with, that’s where the Ezzas and Izzis with 47 polling units out of 139 polling units in Ado LGA stands. This is because of the trust and believe they have in the Oriri family judging from the way their father handles the affairs of both indigenes and non indigenes alike in the Local Government.
In addition, although he is of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), he has a large following and friendship in both his party and in the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Labour Party (LP). The members of these party love him for his trust and fairly disposition to issues of human concern.
As such, Prince Oriri is the man of the moment. Anyone who love this Constituency would do everything humanly possible to ensure that this eloquent, sincere, committed young man represent the constituency at the Green Chamber.

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