Imo 2019: Senator Samdaddy Beacon of Hope

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  The government of Rochas Okorocha has failed woefully just as APC is a total failure from the state level to federal.
Senator Samuel Anyanwu Nnaemeka (Samdaddy) has come under the Umbrella of the People’s choice, The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to bring Hope again to the good people of Imo State.
Imo needs a man with a good heart. A man that can reposition Imo of our own. A man of integrity. A man with a good track record of excellence in all works of life. Senator Samdaddy is the man with all the qualities mentioned above. A sitting Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing his people excellently.
Senator Samuel Anyanwu Samdaddy is The Beacon of Hope for the good people of Imo State
#SamdaddyBeaconofHope #IStandForSamdaddy #VoteSamdday4ImoGov

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