5 Reasons Why Mrs. Ijeoma Faridah Wada Will Make A Better Leader

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  Below are the few reasons why Mrs. Wada will effectively and efficiently serve the good people of Ikwuano Umuahia Federal Constituency well.
1. Mrs. Ijeoma Is Accessible: Accessibility is not just about being physically available, it is about having an open mind and heart, and psychologists say that women are more adept at being open, likely because of their motherly instinct and desire to provide for others. This innate compassion means that Mrs. Ijeoma is more likely to be supportive of individuals at all levels of her organization, regardless of her rank or title.
2. Mrs. Ijeoma Listens attentively: Women generally are great listeners. Mrs. Ijeoma being a woman and a mother too listens and give her undivided attention. She, just like other women and good leaders want to hear what other people has to say and be there for them in their time of needs. An excellent quality in a leader.
3. She is a Collaborator: Mrs. Ijeoma have a genuine passion for working with others. She gives every team members a chance to voice their opinion and be part of the conversation.
4. She focuses on growth and development: Mrs. Ijeoma is a reader and also a learner too. She is very open to and interested in finding ways to continuously improve her personal skills and the people around her. This focus on development makes her more self-aware, which enables her to have a very strong emotional intelligence, a key trait of successful leaders.
5. She is Motivational: Mrs. Wada is a natural cheerleader, She loves discovering what motivates people into action and also excited to hand out words of encouragement, gifts for jobs well done and pats on the back just like how she stood on the side of her Husband.
Ikwuano Umuahia Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives 2019 needs a good leader like her because she is better at leading people. Let’s support and vote her into power on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

#IJEWADATouchingLives #IjeomaFaridahWada4HouseofReps.

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